“I would wholeheartedly like to thank you and also Daniel for an amazing course. 
Your organisation and teaching was faultless and Daniel’s teaching and knowledge priceless. 
I was super apprehensive about cardiac CT prior to this week, but now feel extremely confident in reporting CCTA and achieving my accreditation”.

Dr Carl Yazbek - Nov 2023 / ONLINE

“Thank you for all your guidance and teaching before and throughout the course, it was a wonderful learning experience!”

Dr Guido Marks - Nov 2023 / ONLINE

“I wanted to say thank you all for running such an amazing course. You and Daniel have done a fantastic job in creating an engaging course that leaves us with great groundwork for our future in CT. I see why everyone speaks so highly of it.”

Dr Renuka Kapadia - Nov 2023 / Face-to-Face

“A big congratulations for organizing such a great and comprehensive course. I thank you all for such smooth and interactive experience. The tutors were very helpful and knowledgeable and presented great cases."

Oct 2021 / ONLINE

“Fantastic course. Well delivered and the online environment works perfectly for this type of learning. I would think superior to in-person learning. Teaching was interactive with easy ability to query and clarify. Great to have mixture of cardiologists and radiologists doing the course.

Oct 2021 / ONLINE

“Very happy with the support, the course was great and would recommend to colleagues, online option worked well for me.

May 2021 / ONLINE

“Great course. Learnt a lot from passionate and approachable faculty."

May 2021 / ONLINE

“The course greatly exceeded my expectations based on attendances at other medical training courses. The professionalism and experience was impressive, as was the interaction between students and all of the presenters and technical support staff. The venue was perfect for the many of us from interstate. Somehow a very intense learning experience was made very enjoyable. Well done to all those involved."

Nov 2018

"Thank you for such wonderful and absolutely amazing course. Te whole team was top class. Everything was outstanding and beyond my expectations. The course was very professional, intense and very satisfying. The amount of patience Mandy had with me on my first day learning the ropes was fantastic. I am sure I have learnt a whole lot but also hugely expanded my cognitive reserve!
Daniel, you have inspired me."

Aleksandra - 2018

"Well organised, excellent cases, great teaching at the right pace, great learning atmosphere and very nice catering."

Oliver - 2018

"Thanks very much for a superb course. I learned a lot and am now very comfortable with the workstation and other aspects of cardiac imaging."

May 2017

"Thanks for a great conference, well organised."

May 2017

"I found the course very useful and the opportunity to do so many cases in such a short time was great. I picked some useful tools up on how to deal with a few situations also. The opportunity to hear from such an experienced cta clinician and cardiologist perspective was invaluable."

Dr Damon Blair - Oct 2014

"...a most interesting and fulfilling course. I really did enjoy it and both you and Dan went out of your way to make it so."

Dr Paul Salmon - Oct 2014

"I thought that one of the greatest contributions to the quality of the course was the fact that Daniel is a clinician and an interventionalist and therefore, his perspective and interpretation of the studies were more insightful and balanced compared to someone who only works with the images.

Daniel was able to bring the whole picture together, patient management and imaging, and this is very important. It is so easy to look at images and put out a report that is structurally correct, but without clinical perspective. Daniel is able to put a meaning behind what we see, and that is crucial to patient management.

Therefore, my preference and recommendation to others contemplating a CTCA course, would be for this particular course."

Dr Sylvia Chen - Oct 2014

An excellent course which comprehensively covered all the skills necessary to begin supervising and reporting CCTA. It is testament to how well the course is designed and taught that it can bring all the participants to a competent level in six days.The venue and food were excellent as well!.

Aug 2011

Intensive course and good learning experience. Achieved a working level of competence, I think. Good, generous and patient teaching. We were worked hard and fed well. Coffee was great. Great venue. Thank you to Daniel, Ruth and the rest of the team. Thank you to the GE team, especially chauffeur Dan!.

Aug 2011

The AICCT course is incomparable. I have attended 2 other courses which in retrospect were adequate. Apart from the outstanding venue, catering and organisation, the standout feature was the appreciation of the clinical relevance of Cardiac CT which was imparted by the Clinicians running the course. Ten out of ten!.

Dec 2011

Fantastic course thanks. Well paced and excellent support throughout the week. Venue and catering a real bonus. Many thanks.

Aug 2011

A very well run course. A lot of material and skills covered in a very short period. The course location and catering are excellent. Dr Friedman and the other lecturers not only demonstrate an up to date expertise in cardiac CT but are also passionate to propogate their knowledge and skill to practitioners of cardiology and medical imaging. Bronwyn and Ruth should be commended in their patient guidance of the attendees of this course through the technical aspects of cardiac CT and workstation skills.

Jul 2011

I'm waiting for my plane at the airport. I would like to personally thank you for your very professional and super efficient handling of the AICCT course. Your very patient guidance was most invaluable and very much appreciated. I hope it does not sound condescending to say that you have put in a superb effort in this course to bring a group with varrying levels of expertise in this area rapidly up to speed.

Jul 2011

A superb course. Hard work - old dogs and new tricks - but it got easier, thanks to the really excellent teaching and support, very quick availability of help whenever one was stuck - Victoria and Ruth were outstanding and incredibly patient, good teachers. Faculty all first rate, again very good teachers. Very well organised. Barista and food as excellent as the rest of the course.

May 2010

Comprehensive and excellent course. Individual workstations with some 800 cases, most with angiography correlation. Great teaching to mixed audience of Cardiologists, Radiologists and Nuclear Physicians. Good clinical correlation. Observation of high quality live scanning in an active clinic, with full workup and interpretation. I doubt that a cardic CT course could be better.

May 2010

The course provided was one of the most intense learning experiences of my life. It was terrific. The information rolled out with excellent hands on support (very important for a cardiologist confronting a work station for the first time). Daniel and "his crew" were excited about sharing their knowledge. They were a pleasure to work with and were able to meet each individuals needs to help all participants. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone wanting a solid base in CTCA. I also thought the food was great and the beers at the end of the day, the best!

Feb 2010

A very intensive, well organized and professional course with ample oppurtunities to develop practical workstation skills due to personalized attention from the excellent teaching faculty. Overall a highly recommended course.

Feb 2010

Excellent program, very comprehensive with wide collection of pathology. Be prepared - this is an exhausting but rewarding course with a superb Barista and fine gourmet food.

Jan 2010

This intensive course was well organized and informative, and was taught with an enthusiasm that was infectious and made the whole experience very enjoyable. Well done!

Prof Robert Denniss - Oct 2009

Thanks, Daniel, Bronwyn et al, for one of the finest CME experiences I've yet had .....a thorough review and surely the best catering you'll find.

Dr Jeremy Frank - Oct 2009

This is one the best learning experiences I have ever had.
I would strongly recommend this course to anyone.

Dr Rodney Teperman Oct 2009

This is a great course. The passion and quality of the faculty is first rate. The venue and technical support outstanding plus excellent coffee! Very impressive all round - highly recommended.

Dr Owen Pointon - Aug 2009

The balance of the course is as good as possible. The required components and contentious issues have been clearly thought out in preparing the program. At the end of the day you made a serious course feel homely, driven by the passion of the faculty

Dr Marcus Mykytowycz - May 2009

Wow, what a course. You lose track of time completely due to total absorption in the lectures and the cases.

Dr Tom Ruut - May 2009

Information packed, worth every minute and every penny.

Dr Jean Engela - Feb 2009

Thank you Daniel for running such an excellent course. It promised much but exceeded my expectations.Your personalised and professional attention was much appreciated by everyone in the group.The venue was oustanding and has raised the bar for all future workshops and conferences.The course content, lectures and lecturers were all outstanding.I look forward to attending follow up courses in future years.

Alistair Begg - Oct 2008

A really intensive and challenging course. Brilliantly designed and taught with enthusiasm and true to clinical context. Just as you felt you had it... there came another curve ball. In the end, the hard work does pay off. I can't remember when I last learned so much, concentrated so hard or enjoyed being challenged so much.

Well done Daniel for bringing a world class course to Sydney.

Darrilyn Greenberg - Oct 2008

It was amazing how much could be learnt in such a short period. The course was structured in such a way that you couldn't but feel confident in your own abilities by the end. Well done to all those concerned.

For those considering the course- fast for a week before hand because the catering is so good that you're bound to come out several kilos heavier.

Maurits Binnekamp - Oct 2008

A truly excellent course - a lot of thought has gone into planning every aspect. There was a good organisation of the course material with development of workstation skills at the start to allow everybody to move on to independant use of the workstation.

Lots of cases and cath correlations and a good mix of lectures to break it up. The venue and catering were also top notch!

Aravinda Thiagalingam - Oct 2008

Excellent course, practical and focused.
For radiologists it would be helpful having some lectures or material for pre-reading on catheter angiography anatomy and normal values in cardiac assessment.

The only negative effect of the course may be some weight gain...

Andrew Csillag - Oct 2008